New Rhythms

My river of thoughts float

peacefully, silently, calmly

reflecting the blue sky, fluffy clouds, stoic trees

gently rocking against my mind’s banks.

My river of thoughts play

bubble, sing, splash

tumbling over stones, sticks, and logs

tickling the banks of my mind.

My river of thoughts rage

churning, eroding, destroying

throwing rocks, upending trees, awash in mud

lashing at the banks of my mind.

My river of thoughts slow

flowing, softening, lapping

finding a new rhythm, dropping pebbles, clearing

gently rocking against the banks of my mind.

During times of crisis, we may need to rage, to break down that which is wrong within and without so that new ways can emerge. It can feel, especially as leaders, overwhelming, but like the river, it will calm. If we do the internal and external work, the calm will not be false and fleeting, but an emerging of new rhythms, new ideas, and better systems.