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Tina Ughrin


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Tina Ughrin has almost two decades of experience in research, assessment, measurement, and evaluation. She has a decade of experience in organizational development (e.g. strategic planning) and community engagement. Tina provides clients tailored solutions for their information and decision making needs.

At Kent State University, she taught a variety of research courses in the fields of education, health, and human services as well as, provided research, qualitative, and statistical coaching to hundreds of faculty and graduate students. In addition,while at Kent State University, Tina provided strategic vision, management, and budgetary guidance to Kent State University’s research software and support service and served as the Kent State University Libraries Business Information Outreach Manager. Tina has experience working with dozens of entrepreneurs and companies identifying, evaluating, and utilizing information resources for business and marketing plans.

At Round River Consulting, LLC and now with her own firm Smile Minded Smartworks, LLC, Tina has worked with dozens of organizations and agencies helping them to better tell their story, communicate with stakeholders, and lead.  Past work has included providing strategic planning services to county-wide agencies and organizations, development of a 360 Evaluation for a behavioral health agency, and development of a community impact shared measurement model for a dynamic coalition. Presently, Tina is working on strategic planning, program evaluation, and research projects across multiple counties with both small and large agencies/organizations.

Tina’s volunteer work has concentrated on neighborhood development over the past few years providing leadership and guidance for several Better Block initiatives. Tina’s current volunteer work includes serving as a Commissioner for the Summit Metro Parks Board, as a member of the Summit Metro Parks Foundation, and as a member of the United Way of Summit County Public Policy Committee.




John Ughrin


John has over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience with students at all levels from elementary through undergraduate physics, including almost a decade teaching math and physical sciences in public and private high schools. John is a dabbler in both computer hardware and programming including experience with database and website development, (My)SQL, ASP, Python, Java, Java Script, and HTML (and some other languages that we’d need to find a really old computer to run).

Working with Tina, John provides tailored database solutions. John has also taken lead on several large community related reporting projects such as the Akron Vacant Properties Survey and the Akron Better Block. John is presently on hiatus from Smile Minded Smartworks, LLC as he is Executive Director of the North Akron Community Development Corporation makes is available for key projects requiring his expertise.


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