Smile Minded Smartworks, LLC helps organizations, agencies, and businesses develop data driven decision making processes as well as guide their use of that data to better tell their stories to external (funders and the community) and internal (Board, staff, and volunteer) stakeholders. We provide research, evaluation, community engagement, and organizational development services.

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Smile Minded Smartworks’ services have been engaged by organizations and businesses to evaluate and explore a range of issues including (but not limited to):

  • Developing neighborhood identity and sparking economic development
  • Evaluating tactical urban strategies
  • Providing a narrative and analysis for City staff to use planning data more effectively
  • Engaging in strategic goal setting
  • Assisting programs in telling their story
  • Establishing shared measures in community impact coalitions
  • Providing analysis and vision for economic development data
  • Helping to tell the story of participants working to emerge from generational poverty
  • Evaluating a multi-county Ohio Department of Education Straight A grant
  • Understanding the needs of the biotech industry


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